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An unresponded letter to michael moore




It's unbelievable to know that there is a person like you out there who is still struggling for justice.  In the Islamic tradition you are known as a 'Mujahid', one who struggles for good; that is if your intentions are to please the God of Abraham.  

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Afghan President Mullah Omar


When searching online for ways and support for me to run for Afghan presidency I ran into this Los Angeles Times article from a bit over a week ago with the title 'Afghanistan's Karzai urges Taliban leader Omar to run for president'. First of all, if Karzai himself is on the right side, side of the people, then its absurd for him to invite the leader of the 'enemy' to have an equal say in the government as any good citizen; if anything Mullah Omar and the like should be hunted down and imprisoned, at the very least. Second I thought if elected would Mullah Omar be allowed to run Afghanistan as he wishes, assuming his campaign is transparent (free of hidden agendas) about his intentions and plans. 
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I am back and looking to 'blog the Quran'

Few weeks ago my family and I returned from Umra, a 'lesser' pilgrimage to Makkah Saudi Arabia; hajj being the major pilgrimage. As I told friends, it was a fulfilling experience, specially the spiritual aspect of it. I can write more about this later but now I want to say I want to start blogging the Quran as I have talked about before. Not today on this blog ofcourse but I want to start from the beginning and just read page by page and blog chuncks of consecutive verses that make up a bigger idea. Read more about I am back and looking to 'blog the Quran'

Atheists actively seeking weak theists to cave


I just read this article 'Atheists’ Billboards in NJ, NY, Pennsylvania Stir Debate' and it was pretty good. It is about an atheist group who put up billboards inviting 'weaker' believers of the three abrahamic faith to publicly announce that the concept of God is a myth. All of this  to publicize its upcoming national convention in Washington.

To Santa or Not to Santa - There lies the truth!

A HuffPost blog about a News anchor telling parents to tell their children there is no Santa on live TV and the many reactions thereafter. Read more about To Santa or Not to Santa - There lies the truth!

Why don't you muslims go back to your own country? You look stupid!

I first saw this posted on a friends Facebook account, thanks Ralph. My reply to the original blog was 'depends on the individual but it could range anything from fear, anger and frustration to outright hate and vengeance.' But obviously it is much more than that. 

shouting at muslims to go home

In addition to what I have said I believe this, hopefully just a phase, is fueled by the Islamophobic mood specially for the last 10 odd years. 

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Slavery & Islam

This is a HuffingtonPost article I ran into and found it valuble. Though I can't say much for the acuracy, I do believe It sounds pretty just (islamic). Read more about Slavery & Islam

Malaysia holds war crime hearing against Bush and Blair

judicial panel

I first saw this news as a facebook post which had a link to and then I found it on The Associated Press and a Malaysian news site,, New Straits Times. Its designed to hold the previous officials accountable for misleading their nations (and the world) into war and as leaders not stopping as they witnessed all the war crimes in the process. 

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Islam is Peace

Seriously, it is! In fact the name is derived from the word peace and submission or rather peaceful submission to the will of God. I understand it as submission to the will of God and peace towards fellow humans.

assalamu alaikum Read more about Islam is Peace

So shallow not to take note of the 10's if not 100's of thousands of iraqi civilians and sincere mujahid (defenders) who got killed in the process, or where they ONLY collateral damage?

Elitism, a new breed


This new article i read started off w/ a sort of a caption saying 'Our problem isn't that we're led by self-satisfied technocrats; it's that we're led by people who can't connect with reality'. I would like to agree with it but its more complicated than that. The image right under the caption was that of George and Laura Bush with joyous smiles on their faces and it reminded me of all the air headed things that George would say in the Media. He was the one who could not connect with reality, but the rest of his administration and the Elite that supported him where well aware of reality. They just chose to abuse it.
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Where is Allah?

This is an article I ran into online which caught my eye. I cannot assure the 100% accuracy of it but it sounds pretty just to me.

Original article found here


compiled by Abu Abdullah from 'The Ever-Merciful Istawaa Upon the Throne' by Shaikh Abdullah As-Sabt

Important: I apologize for not mentioning the salaam on the Prophet next to his name. So we give salaam and blessings (sala Allah alehi wasalam) of Allah upon the Messenger and we say that may Allah be pleased with the companions (radi Allah anhum) and may Allah's mercy be upon the imams and scholars (rahmat Allah alehum).

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Shia-ism (or Shi'ism) is a deviant ideology from mainstream islam that emerged right after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Read more about Shia-ism

The US Government does not like competition

Reports: Prosecutions going up for war zone crime

By PAULINE JELINEK - Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Marine in Iraq sent home $43,000 in stolen cash by hiding it in a footlocker among American flags. A soldier shipped thousands more concealed in a toy stuffed animal, and an embassy employee tricked the State Department into wiring $240,000 into his foreign bank account.

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, the number of people indicted and convicted by the U.S. for bribery, theft and other reconstruction-related crimes in both countries is rapidly rising, according to two government reports released Sunday.

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False Concepts

This page is to expose how sinister the western elite can be by using false concepts to decieve any people they want.


National Security - as a scapegoat not to tell the whole truth or investigate


Divine Mandate Read more about False Concepts

Beyond the Shahada

This page is not intended to parade the individuals conversion to Islam but rather share how and why people chose Islam. With that said I indend to keep the stories limited to those who I know personally, online included.


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Father and Son

In a conservative family, a father realizes that his son has turned into an *extremist* after he attempts to justify the actions of the taliban. The father, alarmed, patiently tells his son that Islam is beyond the process the taliban are trying to win Afghanistan and the 'medieval' way they want to run a society. The son listens, but excitedly attempts to continue his justification of their actions. Read more about Father and Son

Hijab | The islamic dress for both Men & Women

I do believe hijab is not a goal of oppression or 'defunning' of social life but rather a tool for the protection of an individual from fellow humans as much as it is of protecting ones body from the harshness of environment. This goes back to your previous blog that NYPD To Women...:Don't Wear Shorts Or Dresses,  which is a prime example of not making oneself an inviting green-light for sexual attraction. I will give an analogy of driving. Imagine being a safe driver, not speeding, using your turn signals when needed, no road rage of any kind, giving right of way. This would give you the title of SAFE DRIVER. 

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IOU | Islamic Univ

The Islamic Online University (IOU) is the brainchild of Dr. Bilal Philips. He envisioned an institution that would offer online intensive, undergraduate, and graduate courses in Islamic Studies completely tuition-free.

911 | the tragedy beyond the accepted

On this 10 year passing of September 11, 2001 we are clearly reminded of the many innocent lives lost in New York City and beyond; but we are not reminded of the 100's of times more innocent who where killed by wars waged in the name of revenge disguised as justice and defense for this same day.

The fact of the matter is that countless innocent people are being killed with the events of 911 as a justification but hardly none in the US questions it or even knows about it because it is not in the media. Out of site out of mind, the US Elite knows how to keep its people hurt and angered so as to justify international wars while making it seem like hardly any innocent are killed in them.

Please Americans for the sake of what you are taught to stand for, freedom and justice, question your government and its foreign policy.

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About Me

Hello, my name is Nabi and I am the owner of this website.
I will start off by the dua (suplication) of:
This dua is used before reciting the Quran, the first half of which deters Satan from interfering with our recitation and the second part starts our recitation in the name of (and for the sake of) God.

Assistance Sought!

I am looking for assistance from visiters such as you. If you can help w/ the site in any way please email me at



About IOU


For this sites page & blog on IOU click here

All about me and this site

Hello, my name is Nabi and I am the owner of this website. I am Afghan-American currently living in Finland. I was born in Kabul Afghanistan and raised, since the age of nine, in the USA. For the last nearly two years I have been living in Helsinki with my wife and three children. I have traveled a lot in the past 10 years both inside the US and also throughout Northern Europe and to and from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. From my experiences, my intellect and reasoning, and the knowledge I acquired from the Quran, I find that most people of all background are wonderful people looking to have a peaceful life. This is in fact what motivates me to build this site in the way that it is, a peaceful plane for all to come and share their views.

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